Game Rules

Super Rugby Fantasy game is based on the 2014 Super Rugby season. Your team will score Fantasy Points based on all matches in the competition.

Points scoring will start with the first matches of the competition played at 02:05 (AEDT) on Sunday 16th February 2014 and will run through to the 2nd August 2014, Grand Final.

You will receive a fantasy budget to create your own Fantasy Rugby Team consisting of players from the real-life Super Rugby squads. Your Fantasy team will then receive fantasy points for the real-life performances of your selected players.

You can join the game at any point throughout the competition, however you will not score points until your team has been submitted. You may only enter 1 team per entrant. Any entrant found to have entered more than 1 team will be disqualified and removed from the game.

Getting Started

Register to Play:
First, you'll need to register an account to play the game. Simply follow the instructions on the 'Register to Play' page, or sign up using your Facebook, Google or Windows Live account by clicking on the corresponding button on the navigation bar at the top of the page. Click here to get started!


Name Your Team:
Once you have completed the 'Register to Play' page, you'll be asked to name your fantasy rugby team. You also need to choose whether to build the team yourself, or let the lucky dip pick a team for you. Please note: don't offend! Any team names that are deemed inappropriate or offensive will be disqualified and withdrawn from the game.


Join or Create a Private Competition:
By joining the game, you will automatically enter the 'Overall Competition' where you will compete against all other game players. However, you can also play in a Private Competition where you can compete directly within a private group. You can create up to 3 Private Competitions and join up to 10.

Picking Your Team

Use your fantasy budget to pick a team using the real-life players in the Super Rugby competition. You can either manually pick a team using your rugby know-how, or use the 'Lucky Dip' option, where the computer picks a team for you.

...and DON'T FORGET TO SAVE your selections! You can make as many changes to your team as you like, but you can only score points for the team that you SAVE!

In order to have a complete team you must select 15 on field players and 7 substitutes from a budget of 130* comprising of the following:

3 x Front Row Forwards (Props / Hookers)
2 x Second Row Forwards
3 x Back Row Forwards (No.8 & Flankers)
1 x Half Back
1 x Five Eighth
5 x Backs (Centres, Wings and Full-Backs)
7 Substitutes of any position

You must pick seven players from any position to act as substitutes. They will NOT earn points unless they are part of the on-field squad. However, if any of your on-field players do not play and a substitute from the same position does, they will be automatically swapped in as an "emergency" and score points.
Your substitute players will not score points for your team until they are swapped into your line up of 15 players.

Each player has a Star Rating (value) of between 1 - 10 stars, with 10 indicating the best players. The rating is based on their ability and the club they represent.

You can either manually pick a team using your rugby know-how, or use the Lucky Dip option, where the computer picks a team for you. Please Note: You can only pick a maximum of 6 players from any 1 club!

IMPORTANT: Up until 01:05 (AEDT) on 16th February, 2014 there is a transfer amnesty - before this deadline you can shuffle your fantasy team around to your heart's content without using your transfers. Transfers made after the transfer window closes will be taken from the transfer allocation for that round.

Submitting Your Team
Teams that are completed before the transfer amnesty ends at 01:05 (AEDT) on 16th February, 2014 will be automatically submitted to score points. Any teams completed after this time will need to be manually submitted once they are complete and will not start scoring points until the following eligible scoring day. To do this, press the Submit button that appears on the Team page once your team is FULLY built.

Substitute and "Emergency" Players

You must choose 7 Substitutes for your team. If a number of your on-field players do not play, the highest scoring 3 subs will act as "Emergency Players", and will 'fill in' for the non scoring players - and score points for your team in their place. You can select your 7 substitutes from any position.
Important: Only a maximum of 3 Emergency replacements will be made from your substitution bench per scoring round. The highest scoring three substitutes will replace 3 non scoring team members if more than 3 players in your team do not score.

Important Note: All 7 substitutes can score as an "Emergency", but an "Emergency Player" can only replace/fill in for an on-field player of the same position.
Therefore, if you have 4 'Backs' as substitutes and a 'Lock' does not play (injured or dropped) - none of the "Emergencies" can fill in/replace your 'Lock'. However, if one of your substitutes is a 'Lock', he will fill in and replace the injured/dropped on-field 'Lock'.

In the event that one of your on-field players does not play, but more than one substitute plays, the highest scoring substitute will be swapped in.

How to Score Points

Your Fantasy Rugby Team will score fantasy points according to the points scoring structure below:

Position Try Scored Drop Goals Successful Conversion / Penalty Kick Missed Conversion / Penalty Kick
Forwards +10 points +10 points +5 points -5 points
Half Back +8 points +6 points +2 points -2 points
Five Eighth +6 points +4 points +2 points -2 points
Backs +6 points +6 points +3 points -3 points

Additional points for players
Played 60 mins or more +2 points
Played 59 mins or less +1 point
Sent Off (Red Card) -5 points
Sin Binned (Yellow Card) -3 points
Tackles Made +1 point
Tackles Missed -1 point
Every 10 meters Gained* +2 point
Lost Play: Turnovers Won +2 points
Lost Play: FWD Pass/Knock On -1 points
Line breaks +1 points
* Metres gained refers to the total number of metres a player carries the ball during the game.

Captain Points
You must choose one player from your 15 players on the pitch to be your Captain. This player will score DOUBLE POINTS for all games that he remains as your captain!

Changing Captain
You can change your Captain by clicking the captain link above the team pitch, you will then see a dropdown list of players that will allow you to select which player you would like to be your captain. If no captain is chosen, no player will receive double points!

You can change your captain as many times as you want, but only the player named as captain at the captain submission deadline of at 16:05 (AEDT/AEST) each Friday (by the Trade Lockdown time) will receive double points for matches played in the following 7 days.

Points Update Times

To ensure that Fantasy Points are awarded as accurately as possible, we will process points for each match in 2 stages:

Post Match Update: Within 1 hour of each match finishing, initial points will be awarded.

Points QA / Video Analysis: To ensure accurate points scoring against metres gained, tackles (made and missed), turnovers (lost & won) etc. we will run through a full QA process 12 hours after the match is finished. This process involves double checking points that have been uploaded to the game, as well as video analysis for each match and uploading any data that was missed in the Post Match Update..

How to Make Transfers

At the start of the game, a transfer amnesty is in place up until Sunday, 16th February 2014, 01:05 (AEDT). Transfers may be made for free up until this time and will not affect your transfer allocation. 

Each team will receive 4 transfers for each of the initial rounds, followed by 8 transfers for the Qualifiers, 10 transfers for the Semi-Finals and 5 transfers for the Final.

Transfers will be allocated as follows:
Round 1: Unlimited transfers until Sunday, 16th February 2014, 01:05 (AEDT) N/A
Round 2: Monday, 17 February 2014, 10:01 (AEDT) 4 Transfers
Round 3: Monday, 24 February 2014, 10:01 (AEDT) 4 Transfers
Round 4: Monday, 3 March 2014, 10:01 (AEDT) 4 Transfers
Round 5: Monday, 10 March 2014, 10:01 (AEDT) 4 Transfers
Round 6: Monday, 17 March 2014, 10:01 (AEDT) 4 Transfers
Round 7: Monday, 24 March 2014, 10:01 (AEDT) 4 Transfers
Round 8: Monday, 31 March 2014, 10:01 (AEDT) 4 Transfers
Round 9: Monday, 7 April 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 4 Transfers
Round 10: Monday, 14 April 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 4 Transfers
Round 11: Monday, 21 April 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 4 Transfers
Round 12: Monday, 28 April 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 4 Transfers
Round 13: Monday, 5 May 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 4 Transfers
Round 14: Monday, 12 May 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 4 Transfers
Round 15: Monday, 19 May 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 4 Transfers
Round 16: Monday, 26 May 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 4 Transfers
Round 17: Monday, 2 June 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 4 Transfers
Round 18: Monday, 23 June 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 4 Transfers
Round 19: Monday, 30 June 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 4 Transfers
Round 20: Monday, 7 July 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 4 Transfers
Round 21 - Qualifiers: Monday, 14 July 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 8 Transfers
Round 22 - Semi-Finals: Monday, 21 July 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 10 Transfers
Round 23 - Final: Monday, 28 July 2014, 10:01 (AEST) 5 Transfers

Please Note: You cannot carry transfers over from one round to another. If you have any transfers left at the end of the round - you will lose them.

Transfer Deadlines & Trade Lockdown

All transfers must be made 16:05 (AEDT/AEST) each Friday. Your Starting 15 at this time will be your points scorers for that weekend.

Please note: On the opening weekend only (16th Feb 2014) the lockdown time will be the "Transfer Amnesty" time which is 01:05 AEDT.

Then on after, the Trade Lockdown will start at 16:05 (AEDT/AEST) each Friday. During this time you will not be able to transfer players until 10:00 (AEDT/AEST) the following Monday.

Time of transfers will only be recorded as per the server clock (displayed in the bottom left hand side of the game screen). We will not enter into discussion about times of transfers, or backdate points for any reason.

Please note: The Trade Lockdown only occurs for weekends on which matches are played.

Fluctuating Player Values

During the course of the season, the values of players will go up and down, depending on how well they play and their popularity within the game. All starting values of players are based on their position on the field, ability and the team they represent.

Private Competitions

Every single team is automatically entered into the Overall League, however you can also enter your team into a Private Competition for you and your friends. To do this, just log on to your team and visit the Private Competitions section of the website. 

You can join up to 10 Private Competitions, however you can only be the Chairman of 3 Private Competitions. Once you have joined a Private Competition, you cannot be moved or deleted - so choose your private comps carefully!

The League of Leagues is the Overall Private Competition, where Private Competitions compete against each other. This league can only be entered by Private Competitions that qualify with the minimum number of 5 teams. Any Private Competitions that do not have the minimum required number of teams will not qualify for the League of Leagues.

You may register your Private Competition up until Friday, 04th April 2014, 10:00 (AEST). Any Private Competitions created after this date will not qualify for entry into the League of Leagues.


Throughout the competition, you will have the chance to win Trophies. There are 10 Trophies in total to win before the game finishes. Any Trophies that have been earned by a manager will be displayed on that manager's profile for everyone to see.

Trophies are awarded to the most skilled managers in the game, and not everyone will be able to earn them. For example, a trophy is awarded to a manager who has accumulated more than 2000 metres from runs by players.

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